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    Download our latest exercise guides below and get the most out of your products.

    Pilates Soft Ball Guide:
    beenax purple pilates soft ball exercise yoga mat gym

    Yoga Strap Guide:
    Beenax Yoga Strap Guide

    Pilates Toning Ring Guide:
    beenax sky blue pilates ring stretching

    Long Resistance Bands Guide:

    Long Fabric Resistance Bands Guide:

    Short Fabric Resistance Bands Guide:
    short fabric resistance blue band woman exercise knee kicking

    Resistance Bands with Handle Guide:

    Pull Up Resistance Bands Guide:

    Lacrosse & Spiky Massage Ball Guide:

    Spiky Peanut and Spiky Massage Ball Guide:
    Spiky Peanut and Spiky Massage Ball Set

    Lacrosse, Spiky & Trigger Massage Ball Guide:
    Lacrosse, Spiky and Trigger Massage Ball Exercise Guide

    Peanut Massage Ball Guide:

    Lacrosse Massage Ball (3 Sizes) Guide:

    Lacrosse Massage Ball Guide:
    Lacrosse Massage Ball

    Foam Roller Guide:

    Massage Stick Guide:
    beenax blue muscle roller stick massage thigh

    Foot Roller and Spiky Massage Ball Guide:
    beenax blue foot massage roller on foot

    Spiky Massage Ball (3 Sizes) Guide:
    beenax spiky massage ball red 10cm rolling thigh relaxation tight muscles

    Massage Roller Ball Guide:
    beenax blue massage roller ball neck shoulder rolling

    Exfoliating Brush Guide:
    beenax green exfoliating brush used on leg